VALD / Agartha Tour

Artiste : Vald

Production : Live Nation France

Stage design : Basile Buisson for Superbien

Video contents : Basile Buisson and Jean Pierre Sastre for Superbien

Art Director : Basile Buisson for Superbien

Light design : Pierre Briant and Basile Buisson for Superbien

Shooting and editing : Victor Gounon

Music : Vald - Eurotrap

Year : 2015

Creation of the live show for the Rap artist Vald. Visual of illuminati and weird stuff: Burgers,matrix,pills,snakes,greek statues,fireworks.

Making a crazy and over the top look for the Agartha Tour.

For his first album tour, working at Superbien, I did the stage design and the artistic direction for the show.I also work with Pierre Briant to create the light design.

Via Superbien agency.