Production : MK2 Agency

Stage Design : Superbien & Martin Méry

Art Director : Basile buisson & alexandre le guillou pour SUPERBIEN

Light designer : All Access Design

Captation : Les Fistons

Music : Marcus Worgull & Peter Pardeike - Oona



For the second year, the Superclub, the largest ephemeral club in Europe hosting over 30 internationally renowned artists, was signed Superbien. Its dance floor was framed by a 12 meter high triangular ring, with light and LED screens. Working with Superbien to produce live visuals and audio reactive videos for the Superclub during Cinema Paradiso, movie festival in Paris, Grand Palais. Oversaw the Artistic Direction of each parties for 2 weeks and performed live VJing, accompanied by All Access Design.

Via Superbien agency.

Via Superclub.