New York Moynihan Train Hall

Type : Visual researh and Look Dev

Client : Moment Factory

Year : 2020

Moment Factory was called to Enhancing the visitor experience by reviving the wonder of travel with the NYC’s new transportation hub. MF reinvents the Moynihan Train Hall, an architectural icon, creating a world-class destination that charms travelers with the magic of experiential multimedia.

Our team developed a multimedia content strategy, as well as 7 animated capsules that highlight the vibrancy of New York city and NY State, the history of the iconic building, it’s unique architecture and the natural beauty of the state at large. Spanning 4 massive LED screens, identity, ambient and event capsules with custom transitions bring delight and discovery to the passenger journey, making the hall feel alive.

I had the chance to work on some research of visuals concepts, Look dev for the story capsule


Concept designs research :

Hall, tubes and postal service

Transition, city and space stillframe

Machines stillframes